I'm Dr. Val - integrative sleep medicine physician, women’s sleep expert, and your guide to better sleep.

I'm a board-certified internal medicine, sleep, and integrative medicine doctor, author, entrepreneur, the first AthletaWell sleep guide, author, mom of two, and most importantly a gal who loves getting her sleep!

I started Sleephoria after I began seeing an increase in midlife women in my medical practice who were struggling with sleep. As women, our hormones can affect everything such as our mood, energy levels, and yes, even our sleep; but what I want you to know is that there are ways to improve this, all of it. What began as a mere passion project of time, has grown into an online resource on sleep health and whole living available for women all across the globe. 

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xo, dr. val

With my professional background in internal, sleep and integrative medicine, I KNOW we can find a way to improve your sleep and help you live a WHOLE life. So, I've just got one question to ask you: Who's ready to get the best night's sleep they've ever had?

Sleephoria publishes premier content in sleep, women’s health, mental fitness, nutrition, and movement. We provide authoritative articles and videos, expert interviews, and inspirational stories with the well-being of women at the heart of everything we write. Our desire is to create an uplifting environment that helps women feel supported, confident and engaged in their wellbeing.

Our aim is to promote simple sleep and whole health practices so women can live a life they love.

All women deserve to sleep and live with euphoria!

Sleephoria.com was founded on the belief that a well-rested woman has the energy, clarity, and drive to change the world.

Are you ready for a better sleep?

Do you...
- wake up exhausted
- lack the energy to get through your day
- search for answers online to restore your sleep and nothing seems to work

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